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Dear Hiking Friends,

also in 2022 we can say again on „Eschd säggs’sch“: „Back de Rennsemml’n und’n Fumm’l in dein Beit’l, wir ladsch’n ma ins nuff Gebärsche“ ( or for the non-Saxons-Visitors: „Put the Shoes and your Clothes in your Backpack, we’re going to the Mountains“ ).

For the Saxon Naturist Days we have selected nine varied Hikes of different Levels of Difficulty. In almost all difficult Passages, there is the Possibility of avoiding the Ascents or Descents with a small or sometimes a slightly larger Detour, in order to enable all Participants to take Part.

Nevertheless, a minimum Level of Fitness and a Head for Heights are required since the Majority of the Paths in Saxon Switzerland are mountainous and often lead along steep Slopes. In order to reach the famous Views, it is necessary to do a short Climb in some Places, but you don’t have to master these Challenges alone; there are always enough helping Hands in the Group. There are often Stairs or Ladders to facilitate climbing. You can leave your professional climbing Equipment with Harness and Rope at Home; there are other Providers in the Region for that.

Just a Tap away: Our Web-App …

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to view the Programme during the Naturist Days, even in Regions with weak Mobile Reception. During our Re-Design, we came up with the Idea of developing a Web-App that feels like a native App. To add the Web-Clip / App to your Home Screen, simply open the following Link in Safari ( or any other Browser ), tap and then select „Add to Home Screen“ :


Ohhh and by the way: If you open our Website on an iPhone with an OLED-Screen, our Website will automatically switch the Theme to save your Battery.

Organization of the Hiking Days

We start our Hikes at 10 AM at the respective Starting Points. Our Accommodation in Ottendorf is right at the Edge of our Hiking Area, so it shouldn’t take more than half an Hour’s Drive. Since the Hiking Parking Lots in the Summer Months are always quite busy ( despite Parking Fees of around € 5 to € 7 ) we will again implement the proven Method of traveling together. We meet at Parking Spaces outside the Hiking Area and continue to the Starting Point. We are on the road with as few Vehicles as possible. Anyone who has found a Place to stay in the Vicinity of the Accommodation can come as well. If you are not staying overnight in Ottendorf, please organize a Lift yourself, and come directly to the Starting Point. Public Transport is also possible: If you decide to use this, please let us know in good time so that we can wait for the Bus or train to arrive at the Starting Point.

There are enough Breaks during the Hike to eat the Refreshments you have brought with you. As in previous Years, we have planned a Stop at a Restaurant at the End of each Hike.

Following the Success of the past few Years, we are offering a Rubber Dinghy Tour again this Year, which will take us along the River Elbe. Doing so will give numerous Swimming Opportunities, and we will visit a famous Ice Cream Parlor. As an Alternative to the Boat Tour, there will be the Opportunity to go hiking.

At the end of each Day we want to meet you at our Holiday Accommodation, the „Ottendorfer Hütte“, around 9 PM, to provide a brief Overview of the Highlights and Route Variants of the following Hiking Day.


Again this Year we are offering Accommodation in the Area of our Hikes that has enough Capacity to house a large Part of the Hiking Participants. In Addition to two Apartments with four Beds, there are four other Residential Units each with three Beds. There is also a large Dining Room and a Sauna in the Basement ( for a Fee ). For Breakfast we go to the Restaurant „Ottendorfer Hütte“, which is about 250 Meters away. There is also the Possibility to put together a Picnic for the Day.

Holiday Home „Zur Ottendorfer Hütte“
Hauptstraße 34
01855 ( Sebnitz ) Ottendorf


By Car from afar: Drive on the A4 at the Dresden-Nord Triangle in the Direction of Görlitz to the Burkau Exit ( 87 ). From there, use the B98 past Bischofswerda to the left towards Putzkau turns off and follow the S156 in the Direction of Neustadt. Go straight over the Roundabout and follow the Signs to Sebnitz. Follow the Road until you reach the Roundabout after the Railway Bridge and take the fourth Exit onto Schandauer Straße. Continue to the next Roundabout and take the first Exit. Follow the Road further past the Bus Station. Shortly after the small Hertigswalde Fire Station, the Road to Ottendorf branches off to the right. After the left turn in the Village, it is about 400 Meters to the Accommodation. Parking Spaces are about 250 Meters further on, at the Ottendorfer Hütte.

By Car from Dresden or Pirna: Drive on the A17 to the Pirna Exit ( 6 ) and from there towards Pirna on the B172a. Alternatively, use the S176 and drive onto the Pirna Ramp Sachsenbrücke S177 and cross the Elbe. Continue here to the Pirna-Graupa Exit and then follow the Signs to Bastei. Behind Lohmen at the P+R Car Park Bastei there is a Petrol Station. Turn off to Bastei, and leave on the right and continue to follow the S165 to Sebnitz Roundabout. Cross this in a straight line into Schandauer Straße ( third Exit ) and then the follow the Description above.

By Public Transport: Use the long-distance Train to Dresden Main Station, and from there the S1 towards Bad Schandau or Schmilka. You can also take the EuroCity directly to Bad Schandau. Directly in front of the National Park Train Station is the Stop for Buses to the Kirnitzsch Valley. Ottendorf cannot be reached directly: You have to change Busses. Either use Line 260 to the Terminus at Sebnitz and change there to the 269 towards Hinterhermsdorf, or from Pirna use Line 241 towards Hinterhermsdorf, before at the Terminus into line 269 towards Sebnitz is changed. The Destination Stop is „Ottendorf, Ortsmitte“, which is at the Accommodation. The Journey from Bad Schandau costs € 2.50 ( 1 Zone ), from Dresden € 7.10 ( 3 Zones ). Those staying in the Region can use a „Gästekarte mobil“ Ticket, which gives free Use of local Transport in Zones 70, 71, 72 and 73.

Programme for the Week

Our varied Tours this Year focus on Saxon Switzerland, as well as the Zittau Mountains. Along the way we will often get Views of Highlights of other Days’ Hikes. Where relevant, a Tour may have Variations with and without challenging Sections.

Of course we don’t want you to starve after such a long Drive, so if you arrive by 7 PM you can sit at the large Table in the Holiday Home „Ottendorfer Hütte“ at Hauptstraße 34 in 01855 ( Sebnitz ) Ottendorf and our Chef will delight your taste Buds and spoil you with all Kinds of culinary Delicacies.

From May 1897 to May 1951, the only Narrow-Gauge Railway in Saxon Switzerland ran from Goßdorf-Kohlmühle to Hohnstein. On the Occasion, this Year, of „125 Years Schwarzbachbahn“ we will be on the Trail of the „Schwarzbachbahn“ and go on a Treasure Hunt at the Goßdorf Robber Castle …

Meeting Place Parking Lot at Altendorf Fire Station
Coordinates N50.935348° E14.178879°
  N50° 56.120885′ E14° 10.732767′
  N50° 56′ 7.2530″ E14° 10′ 43.9660″
Address Rathmannsdorfer Straße 2-3, 01855 ( Sebnitz ) Altendorf
Parking Lot Size 15 – 20 Cars
Parking Fees free, € 12 für Caravans
10 AM 6:30
12,5 km 459 m 459 m

Afterwards, we stop at around 6 PM in the Restaurant „Ottendorfer Hütte“ at Hauptstraße 27 in 01855 ( Sebnitz ) Ottendorf.

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During this Hike we will bring you closer to the Beauties of Saxon Switzerland, and to what awaits you on the next Hikes …

Parking Facilities
Parking Lot Parking Lot at Lichtenhain Watterfall
Coordinates N50.928686° E14.244483°
  N50° 55.721160′ E14° 14.668980′
  N50° 55′ 43.2696″ E 14° 14′ 40.1388″
Address Kirnitzschtalstraße 11, 01855 Sebnitz
Parking Lot Size 90 Cars
Parking Fees € 7,00 ( Day Ticket )
Meeting Place
Meeting Place Stop „Bad Schandau, Kurpark“
Coordinates N50.921091° E14.158056°
  N50° 55.265460′ E14° 9.483360′
  N50° 55′ 15.9276″ E 14° 9′ 29.0016″
Address Kurpark, 01814 Bad Schandau
10 AM 5:00
10,4 km 342 m 270 m

Afterwards, we stop at around 6 PM in the Restaurant „Lichtenhainer Wasserfall“ at Kirnitzschtalstraße 11 in 01855 Sebnitz.

Journey by Public Transport

Before we can start the Hike, it is first necessary to take the Kirnitzschtal Tram from the Stop „Lichtenhainer Wasserfall“ ( Departure 10:10 AM ) to „Bad Schandau, Kurpark“ ( Arrival 10:44 AM ). The Journey costs € 4, Holders of the „Gästekarte mobil“ can use the Tram free-of-charge. We will purchase any Tickets you may need in Advance.

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Today we would like to give you a Choice: Do you want to take a relaxed Trip across the River Elbe by Rubber Dinghy or would you rather have solid ground under your Feet ? It’s your Decision …

Die Rubber Dinghy Tour: ’s gönnt e bissl spritzen …

This Year we are offering a Rubber Dinghy Tour which takes us along the River Elbe from Königstein to Pirna. On this Tour there are numerous Swimming Opportunities and we will visit the famous Ice Cream Parlor which boasts it is the „Last Top Ice Cream Before Italy“. Early Registration is required for this Tour so that we can reserve the Rubber Dinghies and Canoes.

Parking Facilities
Parking Lot Parking Lot in Ottendorf
Coordinates N50.945296° E14.285617°
  N50° 56.717760′ E14° 17.137020′
  N50° 56′ 43.0656″ E14° 17′ 8.2212″
Address Wiesenweg 1, 01855 ( Sebnitz ) Ottendorf
Parking Lot Size 26 Cars
Parking Fees € 5,00 ( Day Ticket )
Meeting Place
Meeting Place Stop „Ottendorf, Ortsmitte“
Coordinates N50.943883° E14.288567°
  N50° 56.632980′ E14° 17.314020′
  N50° 56′ 37.9788″ E14° 17′ 18.8412″
Address Hauptstraße 34, 01855 ( Sebnitz ) Ottendorf
9:30 AM

Afterwards, we stop at around 6:30 PM in the Brewery „Zum Giesser“ at Basteistraße 60 in 01796 Pirna.

Journey by Public Transport

Before we can start the Rubber Dinghy Tour, it is first necessary to take Bus Line 269 from the Bus Stop „Ottendorf, Ortsmitte“ ( Departure 09:42 AM ) to „Sebnitz, Bahnhof“ ( Arrival 9:57 AM ). Then take the U28 Train from „Sebnitz“ Station ( Departure 10:18 AM ) to „Bad Schandau“ National Park Railway Station ( Arrival 10:39 AM ). The last Change is in Bad Schandau. Here we change to the Train Line S1 ( Departure 10:43 AM ), which takes us to the Station „Königstein“ ( Arrival 10:47 AM ). The Fare is € 2,70, Holders of the, „Gästekarte mobil“ can use the Public Transport free-of-charge. We will purchase any Tickets you may need in Advance.

The Hike: Nu entscheid’sch dor’ma …

We don’t want to dictate which Hike you ultimately take, so we’ve put together a small Selection in which you can choose to arrive by Car or Public Transport. The three Variants include various Difficulties, just have a look at our Cloud …

What could be more fitting for this Hike than the good old German Folk Song „Eine Bootsfahrt, die ist lustig, eine Bootsfahrt, die ist schön“ ? We invite you to a very special Hike in the wild and romantic Kirnitzsch Valley near Hinterhermsdorf …

Meeting Place Parking Lot at Erbgericht
Coordinates N50.925863° E14.358976°
  N50° 55.551783′ E14° 21.538604′
  N50° 55′ 33.1070″ E14° 21′ 32.3162″
Address Schandauer Straße 4, 01855 ( Sebnitz ) Hinterhermsdorf
Parking Lot Size 40 – 50 Cars
Parking Fees € 5,00 ( Day Ticket )
10 AM 7:00
13,9 km 500 m 500 m

Afterwards, you can take your Place at the Charcoal Grill at the Holiday Home „Ottendorfer Hütte“ at Hauptstraße 34 in 01855 ( Sebnitz ) Ottendorf, where we will prepare all Kinds of delicious Things.

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Have you ever heard of the „Miracle Bird on the Lausche“ ? No ? Then you absolutely should visit the Lausche which is the highest Peak in the Zittau Mountains because, in Addition to a fantastic View, this Hike offers many fun Photo Opportunities with the Elves of the Forest, and maybe you can even spot that Miracle Bird …

Meeting Place Parking Lot in Waltersdorf
Coordinates N50.866065° E14.649076°
  N50° 51.963900′ E14° 38.944560′
  N50° 51′ 57.8340″ E14° 38′ 56.6736″
Address Am Kirschhübel 7, 02799 ( Großschönau ) Waltersdorf
Parking Lot Size 20 Cars
Parking Fees free
Easy Tour
11 AM 5:00
7,93 km 436 m 436 m
Challenging Tour
11 AM 5:00
7,90 km 452 m 452 m

Afterwards, we stop at around 5:45 PM in the Restaurant „Zum Wanderfreund“ at Herrenwalde 8 in 02799 ( Großschönau ) Herrenwalde.

Track Download

Preview & Download

Preview & Download

The Outskirts of the National Park promise to be no less interesting than the well-known Hiking Regions. This Hike will take us on Parts of the Malerweg: The Peaks „Großes Pohlshorn“ and the „Brüdersteine“, two hidden Views for those who are looking for Peace and Relaxation. If you want to listen to the Sounds of Nature, you are welcome to walk in the Region of the „Großer Zschand“ and the surrounding Paths …

Meeting Place Parking Lot below „Sturmbauers Eck“
Coordinates N50.928277° E14.315683°
  N50° 55.696620′ E14° 18.940980′
  N50° 55′ 41.7972″ E14° 18′ 56.4588″
Address Vorderes Räumicht, 01855 Sebnitz
Parking Lot Size 25 Cars
Parking Fees free
10 AM 7:00
13,5 km 623 m 623 m

Afterwards, we stop at around 6 PM in the Restaurant „Kräuterbaude“ at Saupsdorfer Straße in 01855 ( Sebnitz ) Saupsdorf.

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During this Hike we will take you to one of the Highlights in Saxon Switzerland: The „Schrammsteine“. But since the „Schrammsteine“ alone are a bit monotonous, we will also show you some neighboring Stones. Whichever ones they are, you will be very surprised 🦅 …

Meeting Place Parking Lot at Zahnsgrund
Coordinates N50.918869° E14.190161°
  N50° 55.132195′ E14° 11.409670′
  N50° 55′ 7.9317″ E14° 11′ 24.5802″
Address Zahnsgrund 12, 01814 Bad Schandau
Parking Lot Size 15 Cars
Parking Fees free
Easy Tour
10 AM 5:30
9,11 km 517 m 517 m
Challenging Tour
10 AM 6:00
10,0 km 621 m 621 m

Afterwards, we stop at around 6 PM in the Restaurant „Neumannmühle“ at Kirnitzschtalstraße 4-5 in 01855 ( Sebnitz ) Ottendorf.

Track Download

Preview & Download

Preview & Download

The Pfaffenstein has an eventful History. It was first settled as early as the Stone and Bronze Ages, and later often served as a Place of Refuge in Times of Crisis thanks to its poor Accessibility. It is also referred to as Saxon Switzerland in Miniature due to its multifaceted Structure. It is no Surprise that even the Saxon King Friedrich August III climbed to the Plateau in 1915 together with his Daughters, stopping at the Mountain Inn …

Meeting Place Parking Lot „Pfaffenstein“
Coordinates N50.905933° E14.081565°
  N50° 54.355980′ E14° 4.893900′
  N50° 54′ 21.3588″ E14° 4′ 53.6340″
Address Pfaffensteinweg 10, 01824 ( Königstein ) Pfaffendorf
Parking Lot Size 50 Cars
Parking Fees € 5,00 ( Day Ticket )
Easy Tour
10 AM 4:30
7,41 km 463 m 463 m
Challenging Tour
10 AM 4:30
7,70 km 457 m 457 m

Afterwards, we stop at around 6 PM in the Restaurant „Zum Pfaffenstein“ at Pfaffensteinweg 1 in 01824 ( Königstein ) Pfaffendorf.

Track Download

Preview & Download

Preview & Download

At the End of our Naturist Days we also have one more challenging Route for you: The Gamrig. And in addition to the Gamrig, we will do a small Climbing Tour to the Honigsteine leading to the „Lokomotive“ and the „Lamm“ …

Meeting Place Parking Lot at „Füllhölzelweg“
Coordinates N50.960598° E14.105610°
  N50° 57.635913′ E14° 6.336640′
  N50° 57′ 38.1547″ E14° 6′ 20.1983″
Address Ziegenrückenstraße, 01814 Hohnstein
Parking Lot Size 10 Cars
Parking Fees free
Easy Tour
10 AM 5:30
8,46 km 447 m 447 m
Medium-challenging Tour
10 AM 5:00
7,58 km 421 m 421 m
Challenging Tour
10 AM 5:00
8,05 km 426 m 426 m

Afterwards, we stop at around 6 PM in the Restaurant „Lichtenhainer Wasserfall“ at Kirnitzschtalstraße 11 in 01855 Sebnitz.

Track Download

Preview & Download

Preview & Download

Preview & Download

On the Day of Departure, we don’t want to just let you go, because many of you still have a long Journey ahead of you and you should start well strengthened. After good Experience of visiting the Brewery „Zum Giesser“ at Basteistraße 60 in 01796 Pirna in previous Years, we would like to go there for a Meal with you at around 12 PM ( Noon ) before saying Goodbye.

Download all important Information

That was a lot of Information. We understand that during the Naturist Days you don’t have Time to search for it on the Internet, so we offer you a Link to our NextCloud, where you can download the latest Documents at any time. This includes all Route Descriptions, the GPS-Tracks for the Hiking Routes and this short Overview.

„Sächsische Naturistentage ’22“
Open Link …

And last but not least: You can arrive and depart at any Time. The Rule is: Whoever is there is there 😉 …


E-Mail: snt@nacktwanderfreunde.de

If you are unable to attend, we would be happy to receive a Notification. A short iMessage, a FaceTime Call, a Text Message, a Message via Discord, Threema or a Phone Call without giving a Reason is sufficient.

Martin Nitsche ( Initiator, 🇩🇪 & 🇬🇧 )
Mobil : +49 (0) 162 3086015

Note: For Press Inquiries please contact Martin, he can help you further.

Erik Reuter ( Co-Initiator, 🇩🇪 & 🇬🇧 )
Mobil : +49 (0) 151 26640635

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