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24. Juli - 1. August


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Dear Hiking Friends,

also in 2023 we can say again on „Eschd säggs’sch“: „Back de Rennsemml’n und’n Fumm’l in dein Beit’l, wir ladsch’n ma nuff ins Gebärsche“ ( or for the non-Saxons-Visitors: „Put the Shoes and your Clothes in your Backpack, we’re going to the Mountains“ ).

Please note, that this is a private Event initiated by Martin.

Who we are ?

We are the „Freundeskreis Sächsischer Naturisten“, a Group of Naturists, who are interested in nude Activities. These include André, Andrea, Erik, Matthias, Rainer, Roberto and Thomas, as well as other Friends from Saxony and Thuringia …

Our Tours extend mostly to Hikes in the Saxon Switzerland and the surrounding Regions, whereby we occasionally leave Saxon Switzerland in the Direction of Bohemian Switzerland, the Region of Sebnitz and the Zittau Mountains.

Once a Year we invite you to our Naturist Days. The Number of Guests grows from Year to Year, so we are honored many Guests from Germany and a few from France. But we also welcomed Guests from Great Britain, Hungary, Slovakia – and in the last two Years – from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.

The Naturist Days

During our Hiking Week you will meet different difficulty Levels for each Hike. For Friends of a well-groomed Hike there’s nothing that speaks against, because for every difficult Ascent or Descent, there is also sometimes an Alternative. So we can accommodate to Dog Owners.

However, you should bring a Minimum Level of Fitness and Head of Heights, as most Paths in Saxon Switzerland are mountainous and often lead along steep Slopes. In some Places it may also be necessary for a small Climb or handle one or the other Ladder. However, this is usually only limited to climb between two Stones, so Climbing Equipment is not necessary. However, this is the Charm of this particular Sandstone World …

We usually start our Hikes at 10 AM. If you stay overnight in the Holiday Home, you can sleep a little longer, as it is close to the Hiking Area and the Journey is shortened by about half an Hour.

The Drive takes – depending on the Distance to the Starting Point – 15 Minutes up to 30 Minutes ( it depends on the Traffic and the Distance ). If you want you can also drive directly to the Starting Point, the Coordinates for the Parking Lot can be found in the Description of the Hike ( only available in German, but you can use a Translator of your Choice ).

During the Hike, we usually fall back on our Self-Catering. In the last Years, we plan a Restaurant Visit at the End ( around 6 PM ) of each Hike.

On the Way by Inflatable Boat …

During our Naturist Days we want to go on a Inflatable Boat Tour on the Elbe River, which will take us – this Year – from Bad Schandau to Stadt Wehlen.

Overnight Accommodations

In 2023 we rented a Holiday Home for 20 People. The Arrival will be on Monday, 24th July 2023. Tuesday, 1st August 2023 is only for Departure and will be the last Day of the Naturist Days. We have to leave the Accommodation by 10 AM, and then we will have a Final Dinner in the Brewery „Zum Gießer“ in Pirna.

The Early Bird Price of 449€ includes Accommodation, Bedding ( if you do not need this, you will receive a Credit ), as well as a Breakfast Buffet every Day and the Possibility to prepare a packed Lunch for the Hike from this Buffet. Also included are the Spa Tax and the „Gästekarte mobil“, with which we can use the Public Transport in Bad Schandau and Pirna for free. The Inflatable Boat Tour, as well as the subsequent Bus Transfer from Pirna back to the Holiday House in Ottendorf are already included in the Price, if you do not wish to participate, the Price is reduced by 20€.

Due to the limited Number of Accomdations, your Reservation is only save after sending the above mentioned Price to our Account. After receiving the Money we will send you a Receipt.

What can you expect in the Holiday House:

  • 200 Year old Holiday Home in the Centre of Ottendorf
  • Six Living Units with 25 to 35 m² for two to four Persons, each with two Bedrooms and Bathroom
  • Large, comfortably equipped Eat-in Kitchen with Lounge Areas on the Ground Floor
  • Sauna for up to 12 Persons in the Cellar ( 40€ Flat Rate per Day )

Alternatively, you can stay at the Campsite „Ostrauer Mühle“ in the Kirnitzsch Valley, as well as the numerous Accommodations in Sebnitz and the surrounding Area, are a good Choice. In both Cases, however, please note that you are responsible for reaching the Starting Point of the respective Hike.

Collective Parking Lot

About 250 Meters from the Holiday Home, we have a larger Parking Lot at the Hauptstraße 27 in 01855 Ottendorf. If you stay overnight in the Sebnitz Region, it is a good Idea to visit us at this Parking Lot ( please contact us beforehand ). This makes it easier for us to organize the Hike and we can reach the Starting Point of the Hike with as few Cars as possible 😉. For all those who start in Pirna or Dresden, please note, however, that you are responsible for your own Journey to the Starting Point of the respective Hike.


You can easily sign up by filling in the Form below. We use this Data only for the Preparation and Contact during the Hiking Week. After Completion of the Hiking Week, all your deposited Data will be deleted …

Should you be prevented, we would appreciate a Notification. A short iMessage, a FaceTime-Call, an SMS or a Call without giving a Justification are sufficient here.

Last, but not least: You can arrive and depart at any Time. Let’s say: Being there is everything 😉 …


24. Juli
1. August


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